100+ Reasons The BC Liberals Must Go

Our friend Laila Yuile has published an amazing list that is growing daily due to reader feedback. To read the ull list of 100+Reasons the BC Liberals Must Go simply Click Here.

100 + reasons the BC Liberals must go.

While the BC Liberals have always been very good at shouting their real and more often alleged wins, they are by far the masters of spin who smoothly deflect their failures into thin air.

The extent to which they will do this is quite phenomenal. In the period of time since Christy Clark became premier by default, she has resorted to re-announcing older press releases, and making up complete falsehoods during this campaign. Her efforts as a political chameleon driven to garner votes has not gone un-noticed by the press, nor the voters of B.C.

Thankfully, British Columbians have long and solid memories of the Liberal era of government. I’ve never been a member of any political party and I never will be, but I’ve investigated, researched and covered so many stories of the current governments misdeeds, that it’s been my opinion they need to go.Regular readers know that I have held both the Liberals and the NDP’s feet to the fire,and will continue to do so – any new government can expect my full attention to their activities in government as well… and possibly a new list if required. But facts are facts.

The BC Liberals have fostered an environment of deception and secrecy in the BC legislature, one where the less the people know about what is going on, the better it is for their party.

In 2010, I asked my readers to see how fast they could come up with 100 reasons NOT to vote for Gordon Campbell ( and the Liberals) again. Readers rose to the challenge, and the comment sections quickly filled with concrete examples of Liberal failures that have all occurred during that Golden Decade during which the BC Liberals revealed an agenda of slice and dice vs. corporate welfare.

Ironically, our current premier Christy Clark played a large role in many of the most drastic changes to the provinces most vulnerable citizens, while she was young MLA mentoring under Campbell. It’s important to remember that while Christy Clark has tried to rebrand the BC Liberal brand as “new” and different from Gordon Campbell… how different and new can they be when all the same names,faces and donors are still there?Deals aren’t made in the legislature, but back rooms of restaurants and behind closed doors.

British Columbians must not be fooled by cheeky smiles,glib responses and a well-oiled,big money campaign. Let the facts speak for themselves.

What began as a fun challenge to readers, has become a comprehensive list of 100 + reasons the BC Liberals must go. Please, feel free to continue to add to the list in the comment section below, and I simply ask that you provide concrete examples with links, if you can, so we can provide an honest and factual record of what I call the decade of deceit. You are welcome to tweet, facebook and/or print the list for distribution – I only ask that you include reference back to this page.

Thank you,

Laila Yuile

For the full list please click here

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