2013 Canadian Plowing Championships

Please adjust your schedule on Tuesday, May 7, 2013 at 2:00pm to come and see Mayor Banman’s practice plow at Rose Gate Farms!

Event: 2013 Canadian Plowing Championship – Mayor Banman’s Practice Plow
Date: May 7, 2013
Time: 2:00pm
Place: 33775 Aish Road – Rose Gate Farms.
*Full event itinerary below

Schedule of Events

Thursday, May 9th
8:30am: Canadian Championship – SENIOR REVERSIBLE & JUNIOR – PLOT ONE
1:00pm: Canadian Championship – SENIOR CONVENTIONAL – PLOT ONE
7:00pm: Annual Canadian Championship Auction

Friday, May 10th
8:30am: Canadian Championship – SENIOR CONVENTIONAL – PLOT TWO
1:00pm: Canadian Championship – SENIOR REVERSIBLE & JUNIOR – PLOT TWO

Saturday, May 11th
6:30pm: Awards Banquet & Dinner

Photo: Canadian Plowing Organization 2011 Canadian Competition, Owen Sound, Ontario September 1-3, 2011

2013 Championships IN Abbotsford May 9,10,11

This year marks the 61st Annual Canadian Plowing Championship. This will be the eighth contest to be hosted in British Columbia and the second to be held in the Abbotsford area.

The Canadian Plowing Council, as it was known in its early years, was formed in 1955 to coordinate plowing match activities in Canada. The first World’s plowing match was held in 1953 and was hosted in Cobourg, Ontario. This year, 30 countries from around the world will compete at the 60th World’s Contest being hosted in Canada at the Olds Agriculture College in Alberta on July 19th and 20th.

The first time the Canadian Championships were held in Abbotsford was 1966 at Buckerfields Farm on the Sumas Prairie. This year, the contest will be held at Rose Gate Farms, 33775 Aish Road. The winners of this contest will represent Canada in France at next year’s 61st World’s Contest.

There will be two Abbotsford area plowmen taking part in this year’s event; Philip Graham, representing BC in the Conventional Class and Andrew Graham, representing BC in the Canadian Jr. Class. Three other plowmen from BC will also participate for the right to represent Canada.

As part of the locat Abbotsford event, on Saturday, May 11th, a class has been created for the Mayors of the Fraser Valley to compete; watch as 2012 winner, Abbotsford Mayor Bruce Banman, tries to maintain his title!
Enjoy a national, family-fun event with heavy horses, antique tractors, equipment display and lunch on the field this Saturday.

The Canadian Plowing Organization

The Canadian Plowing Organization was founded in 1955 to preserve the art and skill of competitive plowing in Canada, to permit Canadians to compete at the world level and to promote the most important of all agricultural tasks, good soil stewardship.


Our goals include preserving the art and skill of match plowing in Canada by advancing and teaching the skills involved, promoting the safe and efficient use of farm machinery, and encouraging improved farm productivity and yield efficiency through proper seedbed preparation and soil management.


● To organize and conduct annual Canadian Championship Plowing Contests
and declare a Senior Canadian Plowing Champion with conventional plows, a
Senior Canadian Plowing Champion with reversible plows and a Junior Canadian
Plowing Champion with conventional plows,
● To encourage provincial plowing organizations, to organize contests and preserve
the art of match plowing,
● To represent the excellence of Canadian plowing annually at the World
Championship Plowing Contest,
● To stimulate interest in and provide guidance for the efficient use of farm machinery,
● To demonstrate sound seedbed preparation and conservation practices through
use of the plow
● To promote interest in plowing and farm productivity in general amongst
Government, Industry and the Public,
● To actively promote safety in all farm operations, particularly the safe use and operation of farm machinery,
● To utilize the plow to symbolize Peace and goodwill throughout Canada and the world.

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