2014 Granting Cycle For Heat Foundation Announced

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From The Heat.The Abbotsford Heat and the Abbotsford Heat Foundation are pleased to announce the opening of the 2014 granting cycle for the Foundation. To date the Abbotsford Heat Foundation has granted over $100,000 to local organizations that operate programs and activities that fall within the Foundation’s pillars. This funding is in addition to over $400,000 that organizations have received through the 50/50 program that operates at the Abbotsford Heat games.


The Abbotsford Heat Foundation invites all organizations that have programs that fall within the Foundation’s pillars to apply in the 2014 granting cycle which will run from now to May 15th.


“The Heat has been a solid support of Matthew’s House. The grant we received in 2013 gave significant support to children with complex health care issues. It is encouraging to know that the Heat Foundation is solidly behind our efforts in service families in Abbotsford and the Fraser Valley” said Alan Calvin of Matthew’s House a project of Communitas Supportive Care.


Abbotsford Heat Foundation Objective

The Abbotsford Heat Foundation’s goal is to improve the quality of life for the under-17 age group of the Fraser Valley. To be achieved by supporting grassroots sport organizations, championing projects that improve health, education and fitness as well as advocating and supporting programs that repress risk related behaviour.


Abbotsford Heat Foundation Pillars

·         Improving children and youth’s health/wellness, education and fitness

·         Development of amateur and grassroots sports – amateur sport associations

·         Repressing risk related behaviour such as drug use, gang involvement and crime

Abbotsford Heat Foundation Granting Process

·         We will be accepting letters of intent starting March 15, 2014. Cut off for letters will be April 15, 2014.

·         Letter of intent should include the following:

o   Introduction to your organization, including your Registered Charitable Business Number

o   Statement of the issues or community priorities that the program/activities will address, and how the program/activities were identified as a priority by your organization

o   Which other organizations in the community you are working with (as appropriate)

o   Concise description of the program/activities to be undertaken

o   Start-up and completion dates for the activities or program

o   Project budget identifying expenditures and revenue, showing that at least 50 percent of project funding will be coming from other funding sources

o   The amount requested from the Abbotsford Heat Foundation and which expenditures it will be allocate towards.

o   Contact details for an individual who can field any additional questions.

·         Letters of Intent will be reviewed for basic eligibility and fit within the Abbotsford Heat Foundation pillars. An organization’s designated contact may be contacted by the Foundation if there are any additional questions

·         Based on the letters of intent and whether the request aligns with the Foundation’s pillars invitations will be sent out for organizations to submit a full grant application.

·         Cut off for receipt of grant applications will be May 15, 2014

·         The Granting Committee will review the application and make recommendations to the Board

·         The final decision on recipients will be made by the Board.

·         Organizations will receive written notification of the decision before Jun 30, 2014.


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