$25 Million For Vye Rd Overpass – What A Difference 8 Years Makes

As reported on Abbotsford Today yesterday, representatives from all three levels of government met on Vye Road Friday to announced the $25 million they have decided to spend on a Vye Road overpass designed to relieve congestion and boost travel and trade.

The $25 Million is to be split three ways, i.e. $8.33 Million to each level of taxpayer. The Abbotsford taxpayer will therefore be paying once as a resident of Abbotsford, once as a resident of BC and once as resident of Canada. All three levels of politician were on hand to provide themselves with kudos for the expenditure of their friends’ and neighbours’ money.

When the project was originally planned in 2005 the cost to Abbotsford taxpayers was expected to be $600,000 with the Liberal federal government kicking in 73 percent of the project or $7 Million, and the provincial government 21 percent or $2 Million.

The City of Abbotsford’s $600,000 was supposed to come from the DCC fund which, at the time, had $28 Million in it. It currently has a negative balance of – $13 Million.

Since 2005 Abbotsford’s ability to pay has decreased; the cost has gone up and the federal government has changed it’s share from 73 percent to 33 percent.

Research: Lily Kaetler

Independent MLA John van Dongen posted the following photos of the event on Abbotsford Today‘s Facebook timeline.

(Nobody could figure out what Mike Welte of the Chamber of Commerce was there for – The Chamber didn’t pay a dime towards the project which will benefit its members)

Cover Photo: John van Dongen with new Chamber President Mike Welte

Anatomy of a Vye Road overpass announcement in the riding of Abbotsford-South

Cost of project is $25 million, split between province, federal government and the City of Abbotsford. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.233645093440466.1073741828.100003849318341&type=1&l=7b5ff4e085

Ed Fast and John van Dongen

Ed Fast and John van Dongen

John van Dongen and Councillor Henry Braun

John van Dongen and Councillor Henry Braun

John van Dongen and new Chamber president Mike Welte

John van Dongen and new Chamber president Mike Welte

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  • wintershades says:

    Just “shaking my head” !!!! Friendship Gardens, Plan A, (Heat Contract) Overpaid City employees ! P3 (water) referendum . etc. etc. Now City Hall wants more money from us to pay for a convenience for a few local businesses. What part of “WE HAVE NO MONEY” do the city managers not understand. How about we put a “FOR SALE” sign up. City of Abbotsford for Sale. Asking price: Total Debt and only people with brains need make an offer.

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