30 Tickets Handed Out At Railway Crossings

By May 3, 2013Crime

Submitted. The Abbotsford Police Department and the Canadian Pacific Police Service have partnered to conduct enforcement during Railway Safety Week. Today over 30 violation tickets were issued to drivers and pedestrians at different train crossings in the city.

This morning, just after midnight, there was a near miss involving a train and a pedestrian in the area of Gladys Avenue and Cyril Street. A 47 year old man was walking on the tracks and barely got out of the way before the train passed. The observant train operator saw the man and sounded the air horn and slowed the train enough to avoid impact.

Although this week is intended to bring specific attention to railway safety, we want to remind people to always be cautious at railway crossings and to strictly obey the crossing signals. A few minutes delay is far better than a tragedy caused by haste or distraction.

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