$40 Million/Year Mission Drug Operation Shut Down

The Vancouver Sun is reporting a mjor drug bust in Mission involving as many as 10,000 plants

”B.C.’s anti-gang squad has busted one of the most sophisticated marijuana grow operations ever seen by its officers, with 10,000 plants spread out over four separate Mission properties capable of grossing upwards of $40 million a year for its biker owners.

“The bust also netted 90 kg of dried marijuana, bringing the total estimated value of all the drugs seized to $5-10 million Houghton said. The operations had only been growing marijuana for a few months Houghton said, estimating that in total they could produce upwards of 10,000 plants every three months and bring in more than $40 million a year.

“Still, even a bust this big shouldn’t have much of an effect on B.C.’s booming illegal marijuana trade.”


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