4:30 Deadline Passes – Most Protesters Stay In Wooden Fortress

By December 14, 2013Standoff In Jubilee

A small group of supporters joined the media, onlookers and police at the Drug War Survivors encampment in the parking lot beside Jubilee Park as the 4:30 pm deadline for them to leave the wooden fortress in which they have been stationed since Wednesday passed.

Though the Abbotsford police are making their presence known and came through the camp taking photographs, there was no move to forcibly remove anyone or enforce the judicial order handed out Friday which would force the homeless men and women out of the security they have found in the structure and back to the park out of which the City is trying to force them.

There is no indication 9 A/O 6:13 pm) of any intention of using force and Drug War Survivors spokesman Barry Shantz told those in the camp that they were free to move where they felt most safe as long as they understood that by staying in the wooden structure in the parking lot, they are violating a court order.

“It is my belief that the Ciy and the police will not force us back to the mud and overflowing porta potties of Jubilee Park in advance of Monday’s court date but I can’t promise that they won’t. If you stay here you are breaking a court order to leave and please make sure that you follow your conscience and do what you think is right. If you want to leave or move back to the park understand that you are free to do so,” Shantz said.

We will be updating on the situation as it unfolds.

Flash Mob At Jubilee Park – 4:20 pm
Dec14, 10:17 am –
A flash mob at Jubilee Park, in protest of the City’s treatment of the homeless, was announced on Facebook this morning by Marijuan Party activist Tim Felger.

“I am holding a flash rally at 4:20 at Jubilee Park in support of the homeless. I think the mayor should be charged with mischief or harassment or really for war crimes and crimes against humanity,” says Felger.

“I do not think the citizens should let the city employees take down the structure.

Felger says he is going to file harassment and mischief charges against the City and the APD or file complaints against the police until they are charged.

Felger took photos of the police presence in and around the Jubilee Park parking lot where the homeless men and women of the Abbotsford chapter of the Drug War Survivors (DWS) have taken refuge.

Jubilee Park Felger1
Jubilee Park Felger2
Jubilee Park Felger3
Jubilee Park Felger4
Jubilee Park Felger5
Jubilee Park Felger6
Jubilee Park Felger7
Jubilee Park Felger8
Jubilee Park Felger9
Jubilee Park Felger10

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  • The Editor says:

    Sobe Daya Says:
    I’m not a homeless person, I have never used drugs, I don’t drink, and I won’t stand for the treatment the homeless are getting from the city. I think more of us “acceptable” folks need to stand up and let Banman and cohorts know that this has gone too far! It’s completely inhumane and needs to be stopped. NOW! Leave the homeless be where they currently are. Allow them to feel safe. There is no where else they can go. The city needs to focus their energy on approving the proposal so that the homeless CAN go somewhere. I’ll be at the flash mob!

    From Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Today-Media/447088788677534?ref=hl

  • Deceit in Drugs says:

    The homeless were quietly hanging arnd their camp, when City By-Law Dept. and Police served notice @ about 1:30 p.m. to inform them to
    move by 6 pm. that day.

    What was the purpose of it all…they were going to court on Monday and
    what purpose does it serve to have these people move over only a few feet into the mud? It is just ridiculous!

    Yes, these people are doing drugs..they are addicts…yes, they may have weapons..they live on the street and need to protect themselves. and as result there are police patrols to keep the peace and address any problems.

    Many people are missing the real point!

    These people do not want to remain in the park. They want the city to help approve a permanent campsite, where they can be together and
    not have to continually move, because it is not the right location!

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