5 And 2 Needs Food – Tonight!

By February 26, 2014Community News, News

The 5 and 2 Ministries is making an appeal for food for their weekly Wednesday night dinner in Jubilee Park. If you can help please get in touch with Jesse Wegenast.

Ward Draper

We need dinner for tomorrow Contact Jesse Wegenast or me of you can help

From the 5 and 2
The 5 and 2 exists to encourage an individual’s knowledge, love and service of Jesus; particularly as He is found in the lost, the broken, and the poor. The 5 and 2 is a Church devoted to the Greatest Commandments. Careful study of Scripture reveals that a personal compassion and systemic justice for society’s most vulnerable members are integral aspects of the gospel Jesus preached and lived. Poverty on all levels, material, spiritual, and psychological, robs a person of hope, a sense of self-worth and the ability to engage in positive relationships that foster community, creativity and achievement.

The Church has a mandate to fight poverty rather than to manage it. The point is not simply to bring marginalized individuals into the centre but to allow their experience and talents to improve it. It is by exercising these truths that both mutual transformation and mutual education occurs.

Currently there are three primary areas of focus in the arena of poverty and homelessness. These being housing options, support services, and adequate income. The 5 and 2 works in all three areas with our current emphasis on support services. Providing practical needs while going even further by developing lifelong relationships.

Genuine relationships are the key to victory when fighting the war on poverty and homelessness. Relationships are the glue that makes recovery possible, relationships are the frame from which lives are rebuilt, and relationships are what give life purpose. This is where The 5 and 2 stands. We are all about relationships above all else. We know nothing in life is worth having if you do not have someone to share it with. We all need to love and be loved.

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