CKNW is reporting that the Avian Flu outbreak in Abbotsford and Chilliwack seems to have been contained with the destruction of 80,000 birds.

[excerpt] Officials with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency say the euthanization of up to 80,000 birds is now under way.

Chief Veterinary Officer –Doctor Harpreet Kochhar– says police are helping carry out the so-called ‘destruction orders.’

“All birds on the infected premises are being humanely euthanized and disposed of in accordance with provincial and environmental regulations and internationally accepted disease control guidelines.”

Meanwhile, News 1130 is reporting:
[excerpt] It seems like the virus has stopped spreading, but the CFIA isn’t taking chances with this very contagious flu and Canada’s Chief Vet Harpreet Kochhar says right now, just the four affected farms are locked down.

“We may establish a 1 kilometre zone where everything would be tested or a wider zone through which movement permits would be needed if we have to move any product or any poultry out of that zone.”

He adds getting rid of the infected birds is the best way to contain the virus, adding it is being done humanely. “All birds are being humanely euthanized using carbon dioxide gas, a commonly used an internationally recognized method of euthanasia in situations such as this.”

The birds will be composted and then the barns will be disinfected.

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