A Mayor Who Just Doesn’t Get It

By February 23, 2015Letters

Dear Editor. Randy Hawes, on a more conciliatory tone, I believe you will move to enhance your tarnished reputation by treating all constituents with respect, accept their ideas and recommendations in a more impartial and fair manner, allowing the merit of the issue to be the governing factor.  Your immediate personal attacks are unfounded, offensive and unproductive, at best.

Thus; to abandon your apparent penchant for compulsive and impulsive behaviour, to micro-manage and seek to demean opponents may bode you well in future. Your apparent need to preach, such as overstating the obvious, like claiming I am not elected to represent, misses the point essentially, beyond some inane belief one can only represent others if elected, which is folly per se.  Simply, in part, I state an issue, offer solutions and often include supporting material and while I make the initial statement, many others may equally agree, some will disagree, but the point is moot and thus recipients ought to judge upon merits.

You epitomize the elected politician, who in your case, was elected by one of the lowest if not lowest votes for mayor in recent history, some 12% (3068 votes), which may legally elect you and stroke your ego but in no manner at all affords you a mandate, as in fact 88% (21,700) of voters did not vote for you.

Hence, my issues raised or proposals made, may garner significantly more support but again moot as we do not have a measurement vehicle unless a referendum was called.  In essence, lacking a recall system, we need to await the next election and if your judgment and opposition to citizen initiatives, mine or others, exceeds acceptable levels, presumably the voters will toss you out, as previously achieved, at Mission and elsewhere when the citizens became fed-up, so it is wise to not be so disrespectful and arrogant so as to alienate too many.

Your inept behaviour tends to bring out some of the troll-like cyber bullies, like we witness posted in local paper or web sites, to your rants and elsewhere, that get off on your incivility and only exacerbate the bad impression you convey by their perpetuating their own incivility and bullying manner and remarks, offering nothing constructive or productive to addressing issues, just offensive as presumably you encourage and welcome this ilk (i.e.; refer to Morris Goodchild avatar and postings) to portray your lasting image and legacy, in this perspective.

Last, with all the current publicity about bullies and the growing distain society is expressing about this repugnant ilk, it is incongruous why you seek to epitomize bullying by a politician and/or person in power, who would personally attack a senior bringing shame to not only himself but his office.  Your total lack of diplomacy is unequivocally understood by most, so trying to demean a senior whom you have absolutely no personal understanding about, her lengthy volunteering in the arts, helping animals and less fortunate or her exemplary character, you make a judgment solely on your bruised ego and to try and personally demean a fine person. Bullying at its worst. Shame on you.

George F. Evens


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