A Misunderstanding Of The Charter?

By October 31, 2013Faith, Issues

Trinity Western University (TWU) president, Bob Kuhn, published a letter to Clayton Ruby in the Vancouver Province in part on the subject of TWU’s right not to be discriminated against because of it’s religious beliefs and views on marriage.

I’m not sure but I think Mr. Kuhn may have missed both the point of Charter and the point of a law school in his reply to Mr. Ruby.

When Mr. Kuhn quotes the Charter thus:
“The Act goes on to make this completely clear, ‘For greater certainty, no person or organization shall be deprived of any benefit, or be subject to any obligation or sanction, under any law of the Parliament of Canada solely by reason of their exercise, in respect of marriage between persons of the same sex, of the freedom of conscience and religion guaranteed under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms or the expression of their beliefs in respect of marriage as the union of a man and woman to the exclusion of all others based on that guaranteed freedom,’ … is he not demonstrating precisely the breach of civil rights being imposed on those who do not share Trinity Western’s views on sex?

If, as a practicing Christian or member of any faith, or even as an atheist an agnostic or non-believer of any kind, I wish to attend or am attending TWU and I practice either homosexual or pre-marital sex will TWU not impose obligations and sanctions based solely of my freedom of conscience and religion and the expression of those beliefs in respect of my own definition of marriage.

Isn’t that the point?

How can you run a law school when you cannot abide by the law?

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