A New Web Show Well Worth Watching

By Cee Archer. I am a huge fan of renovation shows ! So needless to say I was thrilled when a friend introduced me to a new show on the internet. It is called Retire My Room!

I sat down and watched the first episode-part 1, and am HOOKED!

The show is described as follows:

A “NEW” Weekly You-Tube Web-Series;Unscripted Senior Lifestyle Show.
A retired senior room makeover show….senior homeowners will retire an old, outdated room in their house and receive a newly functional space. Each week will feature a new home owner, new challenges and new design team to make the transtitions.

The show’s host, AlgeRita Wynn is a breath of fresh air. You can feel her passion as she pulls you in within the first few minutes. I want her to come over for girls night! The show feels genuine and not scripted and that is part of what makes this show stand out!

The first home owner’s house is gorgeous! I love old homes! The homeowner shows her house with pride, but has a kitchen that is no longer functional. She shows AlgeRita the parts of the kitchen that no longer work, and the parts that she loves. I laughed when she made sure that her counter tops remain as those are her pride and joy!

Without giving you too many spoilers, the contractor that Bronnie brings in also loves old homes and respects the workmanship that went into building them.

Part one of the show is up, and can be found here:


This is a MUST WATCH show for all of you renovating/decorating fans out there.
Let’s make this show a success!
And who knows, maybe AlgeRita will do a few Canadian episodes as well if she finds that a lot of us North of the Border watch the show!

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  • Thank you so much!! for the warm and gracious comments, I am truly humbled by your words. I would LOVE to come up there to tape a future show, I’ll definitely keep that in mind. Again thank you! and welcome to
    the show.

  • Bronwyn Hardy says:

    I can’t stop smiling when I read the article you have written regarding “Retire My Room”. My cheeks hurt and I my eyes are watery THANK YOU SO MUCH. Love It. God Bless!!!!!!

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