A Summary On Kinder Morgan’s Hearings

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Submitted. The Liberal government is currently holding supplemental hearings in an attempt to make up for the acknowledged deficiencies in the National Energy Board Process regarding the Kinder Morgan pipeline proposal from Alberta to Canada’s west coast.

Below, you will find a scorecard of the hearings to-date; attendees, and totals for those who are testifying in support and those who are opposed. Following this are some key quotes from individuals that took time from their every day to attend the hearings and have their voices heard.


ALL HEARINGS – As of 7/25/16
Those Opposed: 83%
Attendees: 161
For: 8
Against: 40

KAMLOOPS, BC – July 19th, 20th
Attendees: 86
For: 5
Against: 20

CHILLIWACK, BC – July 21st
Attendees: 75
For: 3
Against: 20

“We need to help move Canada onto a better path where society and the economy are supported by a healthy environment and stable climate.”
– Cheryl Kabloona, Kamloops Resident and Chair of Kamloops Chapter of BC Sustainable Energy Association

“Many chiefs did not receive notice [of the First Nations roundtable] and we consider that a breach of cultural protocol and disrespect of our nation on behalf of the federal government…it is disrespectful to our nation, elders and ancestors.”
– Chief Judy Wilson of the Neskolith Indian Band

“Why are we willing to risk so much when the outcome for the environment and future generations is so negative and so massive?”
– Rosanna Horsefire, local Chilliwack resident

“The existing pipeline was approved in 1951 without any consultation with First Nations and no environmental assessment…First Nations were forbidden to organize on land issues or hire legal council…and I fail to see how some things have changed from that era to the present.”
– Chief Ernie Crey of Cheam First Nation
We are providing this information to you directly as the government is not providing ongoing documentation of these hearings.

“After one week of community consultations, over 80% of the statements made have opposed this construction. During the election Prime Minister Trudeau noted that while ‘governments issue permits, only communities can give consent’, and communities are now making it clear: we do not consent to this pipeline being built” said Karen Mahon, Stand Director.


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