Abbotsford #3 On MacLeans List Of Top Twits

Right between Andreas Pirelli, who declared his own state inside his landlords Calgary house and Paula Deen fanticized about a slavery-themed wedding – there’s Abbotsford at Number Three in MacLeans Magazine’s “I’m with stupid: The year’s top twits” list published Thursday.

Abbortsford City Workers

In a mean-spirited attempt to deter the homeless from camping overnight in a vacant lot, city workers in Abbotsford, B.C., spread chicken manure along some nearby railway tracks. After word got out, city manager George Murray took responsibility and Mayor Bruce Banman spent the following days apologizing to the city’s homeless. “I would like to think that we can use this as a teaching moment on how to deal with people in a compassionate manner,” Banman said.

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