Abbotsford Athletes Excel At Mixed Martial Arts Championships

By June 26, 2013Sports News

Submitted. The WarPath Fighting Championships 10 were held Friday, June 21, 2013 at the Squiala Community Centre in Chilliwack, BC. Warpath supports amateur martial arts athletes by providing an opportunity to fight safely and fairly in a compeition sanctioned by the British Columbia Mixed Martial Arts Association. They are proud to advance the sport of Mixed Martial Arts and advance the lives and careers of so many young athletes.

Five athletes training out of Mamba Martial Arts Academy in Abbotsford, BC competed in Friday’s event. Supported by Coach Kultar “Black Mamba” Gill, Coach Sabah “The Persian Warrior” Fadai and a multitude of teammates those athletes were Jared McCunn, Jajhar Atwal, Andy Padda, Liam Stevenson, and Manvir Birk. All five athletes emerged victorious in their mixed martial arts bouts, bringing the Team Mamba total to 15 wins and 1 loss so far for 2013.

Most of the Team Mamba bouts resulted in quick finishes. Jared McCunn defeated Jacob Guardhouse in Round 2 by Technical Knockout. Jujhar Atwal defeated Michael Vogt in Round 2 by Technical Knockout. Andy Padda defeated Wally Joein Round 1 by Technical Knockout. Liam Stevenson defeated Kolten Higginbottom in Round 1 by reverse guillotine. And lastly, in a championship bout, Manvir Birk defeated Morgan Littlechild in Round 4 by Armbar becoming the new Warpath Bantamweight Champion.

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Photo Credit: Hassan Behgouei Photography

Photo Credit: Hassan Behgouei Photography

At Mamba Martial Arts Academy we are a family friendly community-minded martial arts facility, open to the public, that prides itself on providing a safe and positive environment that is disciplined and focused on morals, ethics and a martial way of life. Mamba Martial Arts Academy teaches the basics of all the essential martial arts, in accordance with the Mixed Martial Arts Philosophy. We offer beginner to advanced classes in Muay Thai/Kickboxing as well as Boxing, Jiu Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts for kids, teens & adults. Our classes are inclusive to everybody looking for a fun way to get or stay in shape, as well as those interested in fighting.
Our Team Mamba trainers are all honest, humble and dedicated to the sport. In order to give those interested in using the facility the proper Mixed Martial Arts workout, Head Instructor Kultar Gill has assembled a group of well-accomplished competitors and upstanding citizens. Team Mamba is home to many amateur and professional fighters. All of our fighters, amateur and professional, are expected to pass a rigorous fitness test prior to any and all fights, as well as being a positive example for other team members in the gym. We are not just a gym, we are a team and a family where everybody helps each other out in an inclusive positive environment open to anyone who wants a full body workout and self-esteem among the many other benefits of training in martial arts.

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