Abbotsford BMX – Great First Race, Practice To Start Outdoor Season

By April 29, 2014Sports, Sports News

From Abbotsford BMX. Well the sun was out and there were lots of riders out for the first race of the season. A big thank-you to all those that volunteered to help on the track as well. The largest class of the day was our 9 Novice class, with a couple of 7 Intermediate riders thrown in for good measure. A great job by Seven year old Intermediate Rider Will Hutton who managed to get first in all three of his motos. It was also nice to see Corbin and his twin brother Jaxsin Vaughan, and Josh Fiddick who came down to race from the Interior…

Monday’s gate practice was really busy with lots of new riders, Club Coach Darien had his hands full with 14 riders.. thanks to Billy Ratcliff who was there helping out.

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