Abbotsford Board Of Education Election Results

Submitted. At its special meeting last night (December 3) to elect Chair and Vice Chair positions for the Abbotsford Board of Education, Trustee Cindy Schafer was re-elected to serve as the Board Chair, while Trustee Shirley Wilson was elected to the position of Vice-Chair.

Cindy Schafer pictured at right

Trustee Schafer had served as Chair for the past year, as well as from 2008 to 2011.

In her comments following the election, Chair Schafer reviewed the achievements of the past year.

“The past 12 months have seen a variety of achievements and accomplishments by our students, schools and district. Many of these were the direct result of our focus on the district Strategic Plan. We articulated three priorities under the Strategic Plan: early learning, quality teaching, and expanded pathways for secondary students, and we have been able to successfully support those priorities,” Schafer said. “Just as integral is our continued focus on the two goals in the annual Achievement Plan, Student Plan for Student Success: to improve student achievement and our graduation rates.”

Shirley Wilson

Shirley Wilson

After detailing some of the specific district accomplishments and milestones, the Chair noted “Perhaps it goes without saying, but week-in and week-out, our greatest achievements across this school district are those realized by our students, with the support and guidance of the teachers, leaders and support staff on our school district team. Collectively, as the Board of Education, we take great satisfaction in those accomplishments while knowing there is still work to be done to achieve even greater results.”

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