Abbotsford Chicken Manure Homeless Incident Now In Harper’s Magazine

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  • DeceitinDrugs says:

    Mayor Banman says “the responsibility lies with the Mayor
    and City Manager.

    I say, “what about council member/s, who were likely approached
    by the business community about moving the homeless from this

    Mayor Banman, says “it was a lack of communication.”

    I would say more like a case of city staff/committee member/s
    and Councillor/s going over the head of the Mayor and taking
    matters into their own hands, something, which seems to be
    the “normal way of doing business” at #Abbotsford City Hall.

    It appears the a person/ people involved in development in this city,
    at the City Hall level and Business community, who is/ are desperate
    to drive development in this city is/are now the very person/people, who
    have put our city in a negative light, once again!

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