Abbotsford Community Directories

Our Community Directories have always been a major part of what we do at Today Media and, over the years, the number has grown as we have added new sections to the websites.

With our 2013 redesign one of the things we set out to achieve was to try to bring them all into one place where you could easily find them and use them.

We think we found a way.

We have avoided making too many changes to our homepage layout because, well we like it a lot, and so do you from what you’ve told us, so we didn’t want to muck about with it and make any major changes.

You will now find all of the Community Directories on the right hand side of the home page, just below the featured video (see image below). For now these are the directories you’ll find and, as we add more this is where you will find them.

Our Community Links are still in the middle of the bottom bar and we have also left the Community Directories inside the sections, across the top menu, where those of you who use them regularly can continue to find them

We just thought this would make it easier for everyone and making things easy is one of our mantras around here.

For those who are new to Abbotsford Today (HI!), each of the Community Directories contains a linked list to the organizations and businesses of Abbotsford.

If we’ve forgotten anyone it isn’t because we’re mean it’s because we’re human. If we left you off any of our lists just send us an email at

Thanks for helping us build Today Media into an even better, more resilient and community-based media company.

We love you.

AT Directories paint

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