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By February 2, 2014Satire, The Dinsdale File

Dinsdale – An average citizen off to take in an Abbotsford Council meeting for the first time may be surprised at what they run into on the way there.

This week’s public hearing into the Abbotsford Community Services/BC Housing Supportive Housing Proposal is just the most recent and probably one of the most vocal of such meetings.

Abbotsford citizens who follow their local council have grown used the tone and volume of some of the City’s more controversial meetings.

From the Plan A meetings of 2005 and 2006 to the phony water crisis meetings of 2012 to today’s YMCA meetings there’s nothing like a good ‘ole Abbotsford Council meeting to rev up sales of tar, feathers and pitchforks.

Originally published April 13, 2103

Editor’s Note: Cliff Clavin Fact – Back in the 1920s when Sumas Lake was being drained in order to make way for cheap farmland (which ended up being so expensive no one could afford to buy it) and Abbotsford was handing out contracts left and right to build dikes, taxpayers became so incensed at the never ending cost overruns, price increases, decisions and approvals made by politicians and bureaucrats without taxpayer consent and the general ineptitude and mismanagement of the entire project, a provincial cabinet minister was forced to venture out to an Abbotsford Council meeting where he was greeted by what was described as a virtual lynch mob of local citizens.

So take heart Abbotsford … we come by our civic incompetence honestly. (It may be something in the water).

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