Abbotsford Municipal Election Spending

There was almost $90,000 difference in the amount spent between the two mayoralty candidates in the November 15, 2014 municipal election and the four AbbotsfordFIRST candidates spent only spent less than $70,000 to get four candidates elected.

Former mayor Bruce Banman was the highest spender with a whopping $143,000 spent compared to only $55,000 by Mayor Henry Braun. Links to the complete financial statements of the candidates can be found below together with an accounting of the individuals, companies and organizations which donated to their campaigns.

Records of all election spending throughout BC in the municipal election can be found here.


Bruce Banman
Henry Braun

City Council

Les Barkman
Rick Barkwell
Sandy Blue
James Breckenridge
Dan Bue
Raji Buttar
Lyle Caldwell
Joe Singh Chahal
Kelly Chahal
Vince Dimanno
Ward Draper
Brenda Falk
Tim Felger
Aird Flavelle
Moe Gill
Raymond Kobes
Dave Loewen
Nathan Loewen
Bill MacGregor
Gerda Peachey
Marlissa Power
Paul Redekopp
Doug Rempel
Hank Roos
Patricia Ross
David Sahlstrom
Dajit Singh Sidhu
Ross Siemens
Tina Stewart
Ken Wuschke
Karen Young

School Trustee

Phil Anderson
Noah Dwain Arney
Balbir S. Gill
Kamal Gill
Harold Kokot
Tadeusz Kuczynski
Freddy Latham
Graham Evan MacDonell
Kirpa Punam Kaur Mann
Linda Matties
Rhonda Pauls
Kevin Pedersen
Stan Petersen
Preet S. Rai
Cindy Schafer
Shirley Wilson

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