Abbotsford News: February Is Distracted Driving Enforcement Month

By February 4, 2013Abbotsford News

Submitted. During the month of February the Abbotsford Police Department and many other police agencies will be conducting focused enforcement on distracted driving. With the APD 2013 commitment to Road Safety, distracted driving is a target worthy of attention, given that it is so avoidable and so dangerous. Despite warnings and plenty of media attention about the use of cellular phones and electronic devices while driving, the practice remains a far too common sight on our roads.

To encourage more thought and discussions around distracted driving and Road Safety we are releasing another Stay Alert, Slow Down, Think Safe poster. “Newton Says” part 2 depicts a passenger vehicle with its back end demolished. The two young women in that vehicle suffered injuries when a large van crashed into them at a red light. They stopped, the other vehicle did not. “A body at rest stays at rest until . . . you plow into the back of a car stopped for a red light.”

Please help us by committing to safer driving.

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