Abbotsford Police Attend 100th Collision Of 2013

By January 29, 2013Crime

Monday at 12:00 noon the Abbotsford Police Department attended the 100th collision of 2013. Despite improvements in safety equipment, over one third of these collisions resulted in injuries. Not surprisingly, speed has been a contributing factor in many of these incidents. In addition, over 35% of the collisions have occurred while a vehicle was attempting a left turn. Almost one quarter of the crashes we have attended involved a vehicle colliding with a pedestrian or cyclist. As a community, we need to do better. We believe that many of these crashes can be avoided if drivers Stay Alert, Slow Down and Think Safe.

The APD’s commitment to Road Safety continues with enforcement and education. We are releasing our second Road Safety poster “Newton Says” with the hope that the community will join us in making Road Safety in Abbotsford a priority topic for discussion. It only took “us” 28 days to reach 100 collisions. In order to slow down that pace . . . we need to slow down on “our” roads.

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