Abbotsford Police Department – “A Place Time Forgot” Says Judge

Blatant Disregard For Human Dignity

A B.C. Supreme Court  judge described the Abbotsford Police Department (APD) as a “Place time forgot’ in her judgement in a law suit by a disabled man who was mistreated by members of the force.

According to CBC Radio News the judge made the comments after hearing evidence which showed Ryan Austin Moonie, a paraplegic, was subjected him to “inhumane,” “degrading” and “outrageous” treatment by the APD.

Justice Kathleen Ker said the APD has shown “blatant disregard” for his human dignity.

After being pulled over in freezing temperatures APD officers left Moonie outside on the ground while they remained inside their warm cruisers and then when they put him in a cell the police ignored his pleas for help going to the bathrrom.

He was left to soil himself and later taken to appear in court in that condition without being allowed to clean himself.

According to the CBC, “It was as if they’d never seen a disabled person before,” said Tonia Grace, Moonie’s lawyer. “They had absolutely no idea on how to accommodate somebody with disabilities and absolutely no interest in trying to find out either which was the egregious aspect of it.”

To read the judgement and Moonies civil claim simply click here and scroll down the page.

The APD is facing numerous complaints and lawsuits over its treatment of the homeless and from Marijuan Parety activist Tim Felger over a parade of charges which were thrown out of court after the evidence used to justify the APD’s action was also thrown out of court.

Two human rights complaints involving the APD have been made over the treatement meted out to homeless people by the City of Abbotsford and it’s police force.

All eyes are currently on Abbotsford as the City approaches a crisis point in the standoff between the AAbbotsford chapter of the BC/Yukon Drug War Survivors and Mayor Banman in Jubilee Park.

The protesters say they came to jubilee Park for ‘Safety in numbers’ after years of abuse and mistreatment at the hands of the APD and City workers culminating in last summer’s world famous Abbotsford Chicken Manure Homeless Incident.

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