Abbotsford School Of Integrated Arts–North Poplar Elementary Designated An ‘Exemplary School’

Abbotsford School of Integrated Arts (ASIA) North Poplar has been designated a 2013-15 Exemplary School by the Arts Schools Network (ASN), North America’s largest professional membership organization of specialized arts schools. The designation was created to highlight a commitment to excellence by an Arts Schools Network member school. It also recognizes efforts by a school to evaluate its purpose, operations, and educational programs. This designation signifies that ASIA North Poplar has successfully completed a self-evaluation in the following areas: strengths, areas for improvement, consistency with school-wide or program purposes, aspirations, and future challenges.

The instructional focus of ASIA North Poplar is to teach the curriculum through rich and meaningful integration of the arts: dance, drama, music, visual arts, technological arts, and creative writing. All of its teachers have a post-graduate qualification, a degree in one of the core arts or equivalent professional arts experience. ASIA’s teachers work in teams, representing the five art specialties, to plan and teach the core curriculum through the arts. Teacher teams commonly plan their instruction around a central theme. In addition to experiencing the core curriculum through the arts, students also receive direct instruction in all five of the arts. Each of ASIA’s 412 students (2012-13) is provided with the opportunity to work with an “artist in residence” at least once per year.

The Arts Schools Network is pleased to recognize the achievements of ASIA North Poplar for its high quality instruction in arts education.

Quote: Abbotsford Board of Education Chair Cindy Schafer:

“We are proud of the designation ASIA North Poplar Elementary has received as an exemplary school, and we extend our congratulations to Principal Barbara Carter and the entire staff for their hard work and commitment to providing excellence in arts education. In Abbotsford, one of the key aspects of our district strategic plan is to provide families with access to a range of programs and services which will engage and encourage students in their areas of interest and passion.”

More information:

Abbotsford School District Strategic Plan.

ASIA North Poplar Elementary.

About the Arts Schools Network:

The ASN, founded in 1981, is a non-profit professional organization that is dedicated to excellence and leadership in arts education. It serves as a resource for arts schools leaders, innovative partners and members of arts education institutions. ASN’s mission is to promote excellence in arts education by supporting and recognizing students, leaders, educators, schools, institutions, and organizations. The organization has provided communications, programs, services, conferences and events to support these goals for over 30 years. Visit the website to learn more.

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