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By November 13, 2013Abbotsford News, News

Here we grow again …

We keep getting bigger and bigger and, one of the downsides of growing bigger is the danger of growing unwieldy (just ask an elephant). With well of 9000 articles posted in the last five years we finally got big enough it started causing our server to weep when as many as 20,000 of you go to our site every month.

(This is apparently  what a minion looks like)

(This is apparently what a minion looks like)

With a view to giving our poor server a break and speeding up your access to your favourite parts of the site, we’ve taken several years of archives offsite (to an island in the middle of the South Pacific) and will be making them available to our readers again soon, albeit in a different format (Likely stone tablet but we’re open to suggestion).

In the meantime, if there is a particular post, link or article you can’t find, but you know ought to be there, just send us a quick email ( and we’ll send a minion to go sifting through crates and boxes which fill the basement in the hut in the South Pacific.

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