Abbotsford Vodka In The Big Leagues

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Submitted. The Kealy Beverage Company is a small Abbotsford business entering the huge market of Vodka distilling. Our product is now listed by the Liquor Distribution Board and can be ordered by customers into any private Beer & Wine stores in BC (and hopefully public stores soon).

We also have sales people getting it into private stores as we speak. We have developed arguably the purest Vodka on the market today for a very reasonable price. Up to 20% less than our competition!

The Kealy Beverage Company
The Kealy Beverage Company was incorporated in 2010 in British Columbia, Canada by Mason and Nicole Kealy. Originating from Ireland, United Kingdon and Germany, the Kealy’s have had a passion for alcohol for many generations and developed skills as Master Distillers and Mix-Masters.

The Kealy’s, who are now four generations in Canada, have a long and sound tradition in Alcohol. More so as consumers than producers. To the best of our knowledge The Kealy Beverage Company is the first commercial Kealy’s alcohol. But hopefully with our common sense approach to alcohol creation and our highly developed taste buds our brands will flourish.

Through a strong partnership with distilleries in France and bottling manufacturers in China we are set to release Kealy’s as a global standard in Ultra-Premium mixing Vodka at a reasonable consumer price.

Wish us the best as we launch in Canada in 2013. We look forward to coming to all our neighboring countries as our popularity continues!

Why Kealy’s Moonshine?

VodkaAt the Kealy Beverage Company we wanted to take a common sense approach to alcohol production. Our goal was to make a mixing alcohol practically tasteless, odorless, smooth and complimentary to anything its mixed with.

The fact is, the majority of alcohol drinkers in the world mix their drinks, be it High Balls, Cocktails or shooters.

The reason people mix, is simple. Picture yourself drinking a freshly prepared Mojito. The cool refreshing tastes of sweet lime and mint touching your lips. Now imagine that first sip being followed by the “Yucky Alcohol Shiver”. Oh oh, someone put too much Vodka in the Mojito. We all know that taste, when the drink is just too strong. Drinkers mix their drinks to have wonderful, flavored drinks without the downside to having that strong alcohol taste.

Vodka2It’s also a fact that a strong alcohol taste in your drink masks some of the weaker flavors. If you add “a splash of pineapple juice” to your drink, your going to taste less of it when you have a strong tasting alcohol.

Our Solution. We decided to make your mixed drink experience taste like the mix, not the alcohol. We made it our professional goal to develop the best mixing alcohol in the world so you never have to suffer “Alcohol Shiver” again. And we have done it! We made you a product so pure and clean, all you will taste in your Highball is what you want to taste.

Your Kealy’s Moonshine™ and Coke®, will taste like Coke®. Your Kealy’s Moonshine™ Piña Colada, will taste like pineapple and coconut.

And that is how Kealy’s MoonshineTM was born!

We proudly stand by our slogan that simply defines our product:

Originally published July 27, 2013

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