By Elsiewhere. And then, there he was! Abbotsford’s MP, Ed Fast. Man in Ottawa. You admit, you didn’t vote for him, but … but … he is Canada’s Minister of International Trade, and so why not? You approach him and his wife.

This is about asking Abbotsford’s MP, Ed Fast, a few questions. First one, asking permission to take his photo for this facebook page. “You don’t have a photo of me?” he said.

“No, I don’t. And I want a photo of you just as you are. Here. Today. In your blue checked shirt, with your sunglasses tucked into your shirt. Just like that.” And then, the conversation.

“So, is it true you drink Tim Horton’s coffee Ed?”

“Who told you that?”

“Well, word has it, you prefer Tim Horton’s to Starbuck’s.”

“Well, Starbuck’s is ok, too…”

“It’s ok, Ed. If you prefer Tim’s to Starbuck’s it’s all right.”

“I do prefer Tim Horton’s, yes.”

“And now may I ask you a question as one who is from Abbotsford?”


“Are you able to say, on or off the record, where you stand with regard to Abbotsford Community Service’s proposed apartment for homeless men?”

“Funny you should ask that. Someone asked me that question yesterday, and I said “As federally elected official, I cannot comment on municipal affairs. There are two sides, and do I know on which side I stand? I do! But I can’t say it publicly….”

“So, is there no room for you as a citizen of Abbotsford to comment purely as a citizen of Abbotsford, and to say where you stand?”

“There’s no room. It would be perceived as being said by Ed Fast, the MP….”

“Fair enough then, let me ask you this? What do you like about Abbotsford?”

“What do I love about Abbotsford?”

“I said like; you changed it to love.”

“Well, not only do I like Abbotsford, I love Abbotsford. I really do. I’ve travelled to fourty different countries, and to many cities, and, though Abbotsford has its warts, as all cities do, I love the community mindedness, and spirit, and it’s growing more all the time. …When I’m done with federal politics — and it’s only a short season there — I plan to get involved in the community again. Canada is the best country in the world, and Abbotsford, I’ll tell you. What I love most of all is the ethnic diversity. Do you know that we are…”

“Third most diverse city ethnically in Canada; yes, I know.”

“Well, and just think about how the groups get along. I love that…. And we haven’t even touched on the beautiful surroundings…. ”

It was a congenial talk, and you admit: the man has an easy way with conversation. Is attentive, listens well. And so what if he prefers Tim’s coffee?

Thanks for the chat, Ed Fast, and for hosting an event to honor Abbotsford’s Protective Services.

Note: forgot to take his photo when the conversation ended, so this one was taken of Ed Fast talking to another member of the public, at Lepp Farm Market.

From Elsiewhere.

ElsiewhereElsiewhere, In Abbotsford can be found everyday on her on Facebook page.

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