Abbotsford’s War On The Helpless Continues

By July 15, 2013Ambrose Bierce

By AmbrÖese Bierce. I want to make sure I’ve got this right … Unable to understand the law or apparently abide by it either, the City of Abbotsford is defending its ‘Anti-Harm-Reduction’ or ‘Pro-Harm’ bylaw based on it’s own incompetence, ineptitude and inability to enforce said bylaw.

I wish I was making this stuff up … really, I do, but according to both Global News and the Brandon Sun, the City of Abbotsford is arguing:

“The bylaw does not restrict (the Fraser Health Authority) from using land within the boundaries of (Abbotsford) for all activities that are directed to addressing adverse medical outcomes associated with the consumption of illicit drugs,” says the response to civil claim, filed on July 2.

“Harm reduction measures, including needle exchange, are and have been provided by agencies other than the (health authority) within the territorial jurisdiction of (Abbotsford),” the document continues. – Global news

Pivot Legal Society lawyer, Scott Bernstein, told Global News he wants the city to clarify its arguments.

“Why is the bylaw there in the first place?” Bernstein told Global News, adding.

“If it’s not actually doing what it says, then what’s the point? Is it just to harass people who use drugs or to scare off organizations?”

Every time I think the administrative and political elite of Abbotsford has just done the stupidest thing possible … they top themselves. MacLean’s Magazine is going to have to come out with a special Abbotsford issue each year if this keeps up.

So; let me see if I follow the City’s logic:

  1. You passed an ultra vires, illegal and immoral bylaw to defend yourselves against the hoards of drug addicts you figured would invade Abbotsford if you allowed the citizens of Abbotsford the same rights as Canadians outside of Abbotsford – rights that are guaranteed under the Constitution?
  2. You are incapable of enforcing the bylaw and, despite your ineptitude, organizations of Christians and other caring people from inside and outside community spend their nights trying to save the lives of drug addicts by providing those services which you have tried to make illegal with your ultra vires bylaw?
  3. You will not withdraw the bylaw and you feel those against whom the bylaw is targeted are not being harmed by your inability to enforce your illegal, ultra vires and immoral bylaw?
  4. So; let’s just leave it in place as it doesn’t work anyway?

And you thought we were just talking about drug addicts didn’t you. It didn’t occur to you, you were taking away constitutionally guaranteed rights from all Abbotsford citizens or other Canadians who happened to be within our jurisdiction when they required a clean hypodermic needle.

Sort of like our own little Lilliput eh?

The guys giving you people legal advice are the same ones who told George Peary to say ‘So Sue Me’ when asked why he was breaking the spirit and the letter of the Municipal Charter when he agreed to financially support the Calgary Flames for ten years … am I right?

Thought so.

Sigh …

AmbrÖese Bierce


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