Abby Middle Welcomes Eric Walters Tuesday

Abbotsford Middle School welcomes Canadian best-selling author Eric Walters to promote literacy, read to students on Tuesday, Oct. 22 in the gymnasium at the school, 33231 Bevan Ave.

The following are times when Eric Walters will be speaking to students:

1) 8:25-9:25am

2) 9:25-10:24am

3) 10:34-11:33am

4) 11:34am-12:33pm

The Chapters “Love of Reading” grant award received by Abbotsford Middle in 2011 has provided funding to transform the school library by purchasing thousands of new books, as well as the opportunity to bring an author to the school to share his/her passion for stories and writing with students.

Eric Walters Background:

It all began in 1993 when Eric was teaching a Grade 5 class. His students were reluctant readers and writers and Eric began to write to encourage them to become more involved in literature. His first novel, Stand Your Ground was created for this class.

Since this first novel Eric has literally exploded on the children’s young adult literature scene. Over the following years he published 70 novels. His books have been enthusiastically received by children and young adults and critically acclaimed by teachers, reviewers and parents. Eric’s novels have won more than 100 awards including eleven separate children’s choice awards. While remaining one of the best-selling children’s authors in the country, Eric’s novels are now available in places as far away as New Zealand and Australia and have been translated into French, German, Swedish, Norwegian, Chinese, Dutch, Korean, Japanese, Italian, Spanish and Slovenian.

Eric has also moved beyond merely writing for children. He has presented to over 1.4 million children across the country. His presentations blend drama, storytelling, audience participation and interaction. He not only wants his audience to hear about his books, but about the writing process and how they can become more excited about writing.

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