Abnor: A Certain Chill Since The Shooting Of Roy Roberts

By May 8, 2014Abnor

By Abnor. I’ve noticed a certain chill set in throughout the community of those who live on the streets since the shooting of Roy Roberts. It’s as if everybody was lulled into a false sense of security by the recent months of peace and quiet and an apparent end to hostilities between the City, its police and the homeless.

Ever since the Standoff in Jubilee ended with a ludicrous display by the APD of Klieg lights, ambulances, fire trucks, cement barricades and news helicopters, there seems to have been a re-think of whether or not brute force was the way to deal with the victims of mental illness, drug addiction, prostitution, job loss and homelessness.

Until the shooting of Roy Roberts and the theft of all his worldly belongings by the City. It’s as if the cold chill of winter is back and everybody has to, once again, start looking over their shoulders.

It’s a shame. Some real folks were beginning to get to know some of Abbotsford’s homeless population which seemed to have been forced back underground by the APD.

Now; with the way they took Roy away, all bets are off. Still no word which homeless people John Smith and Patty Ross have met down at the Teepee and asked to be part Mayor Banman’s Homeless Task Force.

Wonder if they’ll expect the homeless to dress up or whether Patty and John will dress down for the occasion.


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