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By June 21, 2013Abnor, Pop Voice

By Abnor. I just came across a story on Abbotsford Today from last week about the Abbotsford Heat giving $50,000 to Abbotsford charities.

Now I know businesses get tax deductions for donating to charity and I know charities are desperate for money but it seems to me there’s a better way to do this . . .


Now I’m no expert at economic development (for which I refuse to apologize because, apparently, nobody at City Hall is either) but . . . wouldn’t it work out better if we simply gave the $1.76 Million to the Charities?

Just imagine how much they could do for the homeless.

Just Saying . . .


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  • Jay says:

    Sure Abnor
    But the $50K was raised from Heat patrons contributing to the 50/50 draw every game.
    Is that another subsidy by the citizens of Abby?
    Or is it an attempt to show how good the Heat are at siphoning even more money out of our pocket under questionable pretences?

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