Abnor: That Ain’t Mud On Your Shoes Simon

By May 7, 2013Abnor, Pop Voice

By Abnor. I suffer one of the same afflictions as Simon Gibson – and I don’t mean that I can’t make an honest living (Simon has been feeding at the public trough for 32 years) – I mean I seldom get out of town to the farms that makes Patty Ross’ air smell so sweet.

(Yes … I said it. Patty Ross’ air smells sweet)

Nonetheless, I do keep my ear to the ground (so to speak) and overheard two residents of an agricultural persuasion at the coffee shop Sunday morning talking about Simon.

“Do you know that in 32 years of public life he’s never been out to one of our meetings?’ said one of them.

“Why would he? He never needed our votes before …” came the reply.

“Did you hear how he spoke to us?”

“What … you mean when he told us “We are You” with Mike de Jong and Darryl Plecas standing there?”

Watch out Simon … that ain’t just mud you’ve got all over your shoes. Even a farmer can smell that kind of BS a mile away.


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Editor’s Note:Abnor joins us from time to time with a question or two about what he sees around him. He has plenty of time on his hands and he spends a great deal of his time wandering the streets of Abbotsford wondering about what he sees and hears. He’s a modern day hobo with a Blackberry.
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