Abnor: The Sleepy Duck Video Made The Vancouver News

By May 14, 2013Abnor

By Abnor. After making my rounds to the 20 or so websites I visit at least once a week to find out what my fellow human beings are doing in various corners of the planet, I decided to find out what might be going on in Vancouver.

I’m not often in Vancouver but, just 60 kms away it has an big influence on business and politics in the Fraser Valley and a lot of big political news that finds its way onto the Sun’s pages still gets discussed around the office even if only because it was picked up by the TV that wakes me up in the morning or the radio station that joins me for my coffee on the way to work.

I heard about the memo from the publisher two weeks ago telling staff to expect drastic layoffs and saying that he was afraid the business model was no longer sustainable.

Looking at the Vancouver Sun’s coverage I think I have an idea for them,

Out of the 12 stories that take up the bulk of the home page down the center 11 were not about Vancouver or even BC.

What do you people do all day if you can’t find more than one story a day in the city who’s name you have on your masthead?

By the time I got to the bottom of the page I was glad to see they hadn’t missed the internet news of the day … the sleepy duck video:


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