Abnor: Why Is The City Asking Langley Residents About Abbotsford Park & Rec?

By January 17, 2013Abnor

By Abnor. A friend of mine stopped me while I was making my coffee shop rounds this week to ask me why the City of Abbotsford was phoning Langley residents to see how happy they were with Abbotsford’s Parks & Rec Department.

“I was catching up with a long-time friend on the phone this afternoon, and she said, “Why did the City of Abbotsford, phone our home and ask us to do a survey,” she told me.

“And I yelled, “They WHAT?”

“My friend lives in South-East Langley, West of 264th, and she got the $22,000 survey call, about Abbotsford’s need for rec facilities.”

We know Parks and Rec Director Mark Taylor has promised not to use the results from his $22,000 telephone survey to bolster the case for giving $17.5 Million to the YMCA.

We also know the he needs the information he’s asking for because … well … he said so.

But isn’t he going a bit far afield to get the answers he wants. I mean arne’t Langley residents likely to say they’re not very satisfied with the amount of Parks & Rec services they get from the City of Abbotsford and that they would like to see more?

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