Accessorizing Is A Simple Way To Show Personal Expression

By March 13, 2015Fashion

By Justine Mercer. Accessorizing is a simple way to show personal expression therefore it should be taken advantage of on a daily basis. Today in fashion an outfit isn’t complete without accessories. There are many accessories that can be used to add “the final touch” to an outfit. Some options are: jewellery (a necklace, bracelets, and rings), scarves, belts, hats, hair accessories (clips, flowers, and headbands), bags/purses, sunglasses and last but not least, perfume! Yes, perfume is an accessory because it is an extra touch that you are adding to your outfit, and it will trigger the senses.

Accessorizing can be beneficial in many ways but at this time of year I will explain how it can benefit the budget. If you are looking to save a little bit of money, accessorizing is a great way to do that. By adding accessories you can easily transform a single outfit. For example: for the daytime take the little black dress and pair it with a trendy fedora hat, a scarf, leggings and a pair of boots, and for night remove the scarf, hat, leggings, and boots, and add a pretty hair barrette, a necklace, and heels. By switching accessories you can change the total look of an outfit. Updating your accessories is an easy and affordable way to stay looking fresh and trendy without spending your whole paycheck.

Some great accessories can be found in store at Forever 21 or S.H.E. by Design, or online at Baublebar and Stella and Dot. For more information or questions on accessorizing contact Truthfully Styled Fashion Consulting.

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Fashion Consultant, Justine Mercer operates Truthfully Styled Fashion Consulting, a company dedicated to providing women with the confidence they deserve. Justine believes that fashion is personal and should be used to express your unique and creative qualities. Justine can be reached at or on Facebook.Truthfully styled logo

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