AFRC 2015 Middle School Sevens

From Abbotsford Rugby Club. On Friday, April 10 the Abbotsford Rugby Club hosted its annual middle school sevens tournament at Yale and Fraser. It was an exciting day with 26 teams from 6 local middle schools competing in 4 divisions with 58 games in total. There were some entertaining matches and some impressive improvement from the start of the day to the end. Three different schools won trophies for the 2015 ARFC City Championships, including Howe Middle (Grade 7 Girls), Fraser Middle (Grade 7 Boys and Grade 8 Girls), and Reimer Middle (Grade 8 Boys).

Cover Photo: Abbotsford Rugby Club photo.

The Abbotsford Rugby Club would like to thank all those who helped make this annual tournament a success, including the organizers, referees, coaches, volunteers, supporters, and all the players. Thanks to Kukri for providing apparel for award winners. Congratulations to all Team MVPs and Fastest Runners, whose names are listed below along with final team placings.


We wish all teams the best of luck in the remainder of their seasons! Any players wishing to join our club programs in the fall to continue to develop their skills are more than welcome and can visit our website at for more details.



Grade 8 Boys Division

1st – Reimer
2nd – Clayburn White
3rd – Abby
4th – Fraser Black
5th – Fraser Red (Plate Winner)
6th – Chief Maroon
7th – Chief White
8th – Clayburn Blue
9th – Fraser Gold

Grade 8 Girls

1st – Fraser
2nd – Clayburn
3rd – Chief
4th – Abby

Grade 7 Boys

1st – Fraser Black
2nd – Howe Blue
3rd – Fraser Red
4th – Reimer
5th – Chief (Plate Winner)
6th – Fraser Gold
7th – Howe White
8th – Abby

Grade 7 Girls

1st – Howe Blue
2nd – Fraser
3rd – Clayburn
4th – Howe White
5th – Abby



Grade 8 Boys

Fraser 8 Black – Liam Crosby-Jones
Chief 8 White – Ethan Erickson
Clayburn 8 White – Brody Plowright
Fraser 8 Red – Akash Sidhu
Chief 8 Maroon – Kris Malatinka
Clayburn 8 Blue – Ben Gruber
Fraser 8 Gold – Thomas Meier
Reimer 8 – Harjot Dhaliwal
Abby 8 – Liam Jones

Grade 8 Girls

Abby – Emma Willis
Chief – Samantha Allner
Clayburn – Alina Blakey
Fraser – Brooklyn White

Grade 7 Boys

Fraser 7 Black – Tayton Gienger
Fraser 7 Gold – Talha Shah
Howe 7 Blue – Jacky Kaung
Chief 7 – Kaelyn Grell
Fraser 7 Red – Austin Moar
Howe 7 White – Bailey Patterson
Reimer 7 – Kimi Gill
Abby 7 – Kingston Tomlins

Grade 7 Girls

Abby – Dakota Theriault
Clayburn – Abby Schulz
Fraser – Natalia Takhar
Howe Blue – Sierra Townlee
Howe White – Jaswin Chattha


Grade 8 Boys – Markus Rauch (Clayburn)
Grade 8 Girls – Makenna Gayger (Chief Dan)
Grade 7 Boys – Rowan Bridger (Fraser)
Grade 7 Girls – Gurveer Sidhu (Howe)

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