Aircare Program Comes To An End

By December 30, 2014Valley News

Release – As of Dec. 31, 2014, the Aircare program will end for all
light-duty passenger cars and trucks in Metro Vancouver.

Great progress has been made in reducing air pollution from light-duty
vehicles, in part, because newer vehicles are designed to meet more
stringent emission standards. Technological advances in the emissions
reduction capability of new vehicles also continues to increase.

Since the program began in 1992, emissions from light-duty vehicles
have decreased 8% from 149,300 tonnes to an estimated 16,500 tonnes for

Since 2007, both the AirCare failure rate and the number of vehicles
failing have steadily dropped – from 14% (58,776 vehicles) to less than
8% (34,439 vehicles) as of November 2014.

The Province appreciates the work of the AirCare staff throughout the
delivery of this program, and recognizes the contribution they have
made in improving air quality in the region.

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