Albert Dyck Park Walmsley Lake Not Safe For Children

By July 18, 2013Abbotsford News, News

By Lynn Perrin. The rope in this photo had been reconnected after breaking and left down for at least 40 minutes. This lead to children swimming in the wake board lane until they were shouted at by staff of wake board business.

This private for profit wake board enterprise which has taken up the space from
where the public traditionally swam. It now leaves very little room for
Abbotsford residents / taxpayers to swim at a public outdoor venue
especially with Matsqui pool and Aldergrove Lake swimming being eliminated.

Therefore what little room there is for swimming MUST be safe. I
understand that the City is collecting rent from the private for profit
wake board contract and therefore have enough funds to ensure public
safety. If not the private for profit wake board enterprise should not be
allowed in this public park.

Lynn Perrin BGS MPP
FairAll Consulting

Email to City Councillors:
Date: Wed, Jul 17, 2013 at 6:10 PM
Subject: Albert Dyck Park Walmsley Lake NOT SAFE for children need strong
cable not little rope

There is not a strong enough rope and not enough floats on the weak rope to
keep kids away and safe from wake boarders. Get it fixed immediately.
Raft needs to be anchored safe distance from wake boarders.

Lynn Perrin
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