By AmbrÖse Bierce. I hear that anyone who wants to remain employed with the city will zip it. When Abbotsford Today sent out emails to the media in BC about the City of Abbotsford’s Chicken Manure Incident, they didn’t expect such a quick response.

The first I heard about the issue was when I started getting calls about the Today post on Twitter and I began checking with my own sources.

Before I could get in touch with any of them, Abbotsford City Manager George Murray had already told Abbotsford Today he was apologizing for the incident.

James Breckenridge, the originator of the story, has been contacted through Abbotsford Today and was asked to appear on the Alex Tsakumis Radio show tomorrow morning at 9:25 am on CKPM 98.7FM and the CBC was in town this afternoon filming across from the Sally Ann.

My editor tells me Today sent both the news item and the official apology not only to local and regional media but also asked Mayor Bruce Banman and all members of Abbotsford Council for comments on the Chicken Manure Incident and, with the exception of Councillor Henry Braun, no one has apparently responded.

I did get confirmation from one of my sources at City Hall that Banman was furious about being bothered about this incident offering up the following:

“It seems the Mayor is upset from calls asking about this matter. Staff have been advised that if they want to remain employees they have nothing to say on the matter.”

Good work your worship. Scare the shit out of your staff. Show ’em who is boss. If this is true I guess we can all start singing, “Meet the new boss … Same as the old boss”.

It could be your campaign song for the next election.

AmbrÖse Bierce


AmbrÖse Bierce is Today’s writer in residence who occasionally gives voice to the concerns of individual citizens and taxpayers who, for a variety of reasons, are unable or unwilling to take a public stand on issues of relevance to the rest of the community. Reasons may include possible loss of job, injury to their business, or any number of quite legitimate reasons to keep their mouths shut.

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  • DeceitinDrugs says:

    it seems Mayor Banman got his hand caught in the cookie Jar just
    like Ex-ADBA president, Bob Bos, council repres on ADBA, Councillor
    John Smith and Abbotsford Chamber director, Bruce Beck did, when
    they told a local church not to feed the homeless in Jubilee Park.

    Given the fact that, Mayor Bruce Banman is an ex-Abbotsford
    Chamber director it makes me wonder, if this once again, involved
    select chamber developer members and their Council members,who
    work for them at city hall.

    I would say, George Murray should not be the one doing the
    apology…the people, who strategized this plan need to do the
    right thing and apologize, foremost, to the homeless, but, also,
    the citizen’s of Abbotsford.

    George Murray is the scapegoat for a select group, who seem
    to think they can do whatever they want out of the “Tower of Babel”

    Mayor Banman is stressed, because he is, also, the one who has
    to do the damage control, after he was foolish enough to go with
    this plan and did not have the courage to stand up for what is right for
    our city.

    Bruce, stop, letting them lead you around by the nose!

    The bull is ready to pour over the top of everyone’s rubber
    boots in the city in the country.

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