AmbrÖse Bierce: The Mike And Christy Show

By AmbrÖse Bierce. The Mike and Christy Show, starring Premier Christy Clark and Abbotsford-West MLA Mike de Jong has been hitting the 30 second clip circuit hard trying to paint the NDP as spendthrifts while portraying themselves as somehow fiscally responsible.

This from the party which spent $6 Billion on a two-week winter sports festival, $4 Billion on a new bridge instead of rapid transit and $1.5 Billion on paying Stephen Harper back because they lied about the HST.

That’s a lot of money that could have been spent on hospitals, schools, textbooks, teachers, nurses, doctors, patients, wages, to name just a few things that come to mind.

So now they’re trying to get back in power by lying some more.

Christy dropped the $3 Billion Dollar Man line to describe Adrian Dix three times in the leaders’ debate and Mike is playing the funny man showing off the party’s new Spend-o-Metre billboard using deception and outright lies to make the NDP’s campaign look like it will cost taxpayers $3 Billion in the first three years.

CBC Radio’s fact checkers tore the figures apart and showed that Mike and Christy had doubled some of the figures and then included them twice, as well as adding some figures out of thin air to pretend the NDP’s $2 Billion platform contains $3 Billion worth of spending.

But then, since Christy and her finance minister have increased BC’s deficit by $11 Billion in only two years, what’s a few billion between friends … eh?

I suppose the truth just didn’t appeal to them. So they changed it.

What a perfect team Mike and Christy make. They are both sophists of the worst kind. When the truth is unpalatable they just make shit up.

If either had any class or believed at all in what elections are about they would be telling voters how they intend to undo 12 years worth of overspending and corruption and do things differently if we only give them one more chance.

Mike’s deal to have you and I pay the $6 Million legal bills of Dave Basi and Bob Virk who pleaded guilty to breach of trust and receiving a benefit in the BC Rail scandal, will not soon be forgotten BC taxpayers and the way he treated both John van Dongen and his opponent in this election, Moe Gill, will not be forgotten by Abbotsford residents.

When you add the reckless way he’s been throwing taxpayer cash around in Abbotsford during the election campaign one is forced to wonder whether Mike de Jong has any sense at all of the value of a taxpayer’s dollar or if he just sees taxpayers’ money as his own play money.

Of course Mike won’t have to live up to any of his promises from the opposition benches. Which makes a voter wonder, since we won’t be choosing a government MLA or cabinet minister this time, why not give someone who hasn’t been screwing things up so badly a chance to represent us in Victoria?

The Mike and Christy Show may resonate and sound pretty funny in their own heads but those of us who are left with the task of having to pay their bills and their generous pensions don’t find it quite so funny.

AmbrÖse Bierce


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