Analysis Of Roy Roberts Video Taken Down

After the controversial shooting, with rubber bullets and bean bags, of Roy Roberts behind the Abbotsford Foodbank earlier this spring, Abbotsford Today posted a video of the incident taken by a witness to the incident.

That video is still posted on our homepage.

Later, we also posted a video entitled ‘Forensic Analysis of the Roy Roberts Shooting’ which was sent to us by Charles Parent. While Parent made no representation to us about his credentials as a police officer, and Today sought the advice of both a fully trained former Hostage Rescue Team (HRT) and a former police officer to examine and confirm the analysis, we have taken down the video.

We do not want the charges, still unproven in court, against Mr. Parent to affect the public perception of the incident Roberts incident or the APD. Parent;s claim to have been a Navy Seal, when it turned out not to be true, caused us to remove the reference but we left the video up because of the confirmation we had received from sources we still trust.

The eye witness video will stay posted on our home-page until the entire controversy over Mr. Roberts’ take down, the charges laid and his incarceration have been fully dealt with. But the ‘Forensic Analysis’ video has been taken down.

A charge of Possessing a Weapon Dangerous to the Public Peace was sworn/approved against Roberts on April 20 and he is appearing in court today.

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