Annual Burning Ban In Effect June 1

By May 26, 2013Abbotsford News

Beginning June 1st through to September 30th, 2013 an unconditional ban on outdoor burning is in effect in all areas of the City of Abbotsford.
During the summer months warm, dry weather can quickly cause the perfect conditions for large wildfires to occur similar to those experienced in other parts of the province. Restricting outdoor burning is one way of preventing the likelihood of such disasters.

Under the Fire Service Bylaw, the City of Abbotsford imposes an annual ban on all outdoor burning from June through September in order to reduce the potential for the uncontrolled spreading of fires and the resulting danger to lives and property. Under this bylaw, camp fires, backyard fire pits/burn barrels and portable wood-burning fireplaces are also banned throughout the year.

Outdoor charcoal briquette or propane or natural gas barbeques are permitted both during and outside of the ban period, however, Abbotsford Fire Rescue Service recommends keeping children at least one metre away from these units to prevent the possibility of serious burns.

During the fire ban there is a $500.00 fine for discarding burning substances (this includes cigarettes) and a $500.00 fine for any unauthorized burning. Persons who cause accidental fires may also be charged with the costs associated with fire suppression and/or face criminal charges.

Agricultural or land clearing burning is allowed under permit during the months of September through May.
Citizens are asked to report any outdoor burning by calling 911.

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