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  • Greg Cross says:

    How much did all of this cost?

  • Greg Cross says:

    How much did this all cost the Taxpayers?

  • DeceitinDrugs says:

    More questions………..

    Did the recent promotion by the City of the Mill Tower owned
    by Dave Krahn and partners (Krahn serving on the cities’ industry Committee) have anything to do with this “sweep clean-up” attempt
    on Gladys Ave.?

    How involved were other members of the development community, who have business interest in the area, including the A.D.BA.?

    How involved is the cities’ Development Manager in this attempt
    to rid the area of the homeless camp, by using chicken manure?

    Who met behind closed council member/s, who may have
    given the order to By-law Dept. to have the homeless removed?

    Who may have ordered the By-law Dept. to get public Works to
    deal with the unwanted homeless on Gladys Ave.?

  • ernie klassen says:

    Many former Abbotsford residents and anxiously awaiting answers via the media or social media. Abbotsford has had many “reputations” over the years. Why not create a new one now that once again could get world wide attention of a positive perspective. Abbotsford has a lot to offer if channeled correctly. The churches, the business community, the media, the citizens could all get together and create a internationally renowned positive community if they tried.

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