Are Liberals Really Basing Their Election Hopes On Tweedledee And Tweedledum?

By March 26, 2013Abnor

By Abnor. While enjoying a quiet beer at one of my favourite water holes in Abbotsford (yes there are more than one) I was surprised to hear about the BC Liberals’ new strategy to win the upcoming provincial election.

Abbotsford, according to Premier Christy Clark, is key to the BC Liberals winning the upcoming provincial election. An important part of any election strategy is the choice of candidates in the individual ridings of any political party which brings me to her decision to showcase her brand new hopefuls – Simon Gibson and Darryl Plecas – in a video on the Abbotsford News website.

A friend of mine told about the video posted Monday in which Ms. Clark is seen flanked by her two candidates for Abbotsford South and Abbotsford-Mission – Simon Gibson and Darryl Plecas. (where was Mike de Jong?)

She later showed up for the same photo op at the Abbotsford Times.

Alice with Tweedledee (left) and Tweedledum (right) in the Lewis Caroll classic

Alice with Tweedledee (left) and Tweedledum (right) in the Lewis Caroll classic

Gibson, who has been a politician since dinosaurs roamed the Fraser Valley, is perhaps best known for championing Abbotsford’s ultra vires Anti-Harm Reduction Bylaw against drug addicts and, before that, his longstanding campaign to keep Abbotsford a dry town.

Plecas is perhaps best known for advising municipalities in the Lower Mainland to sidestep the criminal code and the constitutional requirement for police to obtain warrants before searching people’s homes looking for drugs.

Plecas’ other claim to fame is that he was appointed to represent the BC Liberals in Abbotsford South over the objections of the Liberal Riding Executive and despite the fact that Abbotsford City Councillor Moe Gill had been democratically chosen to represent the riding.

So much for the rule of law or democracy.

Premier Christy Clarke with Simon Gibson (left) and Darryl Plecas (right)

Premier Christy Clarke with Simon Gibson (left) and Darryl Plecas (right)

Mike de Jong and Rich Coleman were reportedly behind the party’s decision to dump Moe Gill (who is now running against De Jong).

Clark has yet to explain how having elected representatives whose actions seem to demonstrate either a misunderstanding of democracy or who don’t seem to understand that governments are actually required to follow the laws passed in places like the BC Legislature or the House of Commons will help resurrect the BC Liberal’s party fortunes.


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