Are You Eating These 5 Powerful Green Foods?

From Food Matters. Are you sick and tired of the confusion surrounding food? Want to feel good and prevent or reverse illness and disease? Join the leaders in nutrition and natural healing from around the globe in a mission to uncover the truth…

What you’re about to learn could likely save your life, or that of someone you love. This was certainly the case with my father.

About 6 years ago he was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Depression and Anxiety. The best the medical profession could offer was a cocktail of medications to treat the symptoms and little in the way of hope for treating the underlying causes. Not surprisingly his health continued to decline.

At the same time we were studying nutrition and sending home many of the books we had read but these didn’t seem to help convince him. So for the next 12 months (with 3 years of research under our belt) we set about creating the independent documentary film ‘Food Matters’.

‘Food Matters’ features interviews with leading health experts who reveal the best natural healing choices you can make for you and your family’s health. In the film you’ll discover what works, what doesn’t and what’s potentially killing you when it comes to your health.

After my father saw the film he quit his pharmaceutical meds, changed his diet, lost 50lbs of his body weight and is now running 3 times a week which is a big change from being bed ridden for 5 years!

You don’t have to take our word for it, here is what others are saying about the film.

If there’s one color of natural food that offers an abundance of nutrients and health benefits, it’s green! You don’t need to stick to the standard broccoli and green beans to feel the benefits of green foods. Discover 5 often forgotten, nutrient-dense green foods that could add some extra variety and health benefits to your diet.

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Do you drink diet soda or know someone who does? Then you’ll want to keep reading. Research published over the weekend showed a link between women who drink diet soda often and their chances of developing heart disease and in some cases premature death.

Approximately 40% of children will suffer from sleeplessness at one stage in their life and it can be extremely taxing on their small growing bodies. Discover which surprising nutrient has recently been discovered by research can actually help kids nod off into the land of slumber.

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