Arson At Jasper Court Saturday

By June 16, 2013Crime

Submitted. On Saturday, June 15 at 12:30 am, Abbotsford Fire Rescue Service (AFRS), Abbotsford Police and BC Ambulance were called to a fire in an upper floor residence in the 2600 block of Jasper Court.

There were several individuals in the home at the time and fortunately they were all safely evacuated with no serious injuries being suffered.

The fire investigator has deemed the incident suspicious and the Major Crime Unit of the Abbotsford Police Department is currently investigating it as arson.

Given the number of persons in the home and the proximity to other residences, there was the potential for greater property damage and injury.

APD detectives are appealing to anyone with information about this incident to call the APD at 604-859-5225, text the APD at 222973 (abbypd) or to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

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  • DeceitinDrugs says:

    This is another example of the cities’ failure to use it’s
    power to deal with problem residences in the city, which are
    a scourge on the community.

    Interestingly, the owner of 2606 Jasper Court, also, had a
    problem duplex on Minter St., which eventually had a fire
    and was torn down.

    There has been constant police intervention at both properties,
    with chronic repeat offenders spreading out from this residence and involved in prolific theft of vehicles, break and enter, drug dealing. centre affecting businesses/residences and surrounding area, in the city centre.

    Police have hauled out truckloads of stolen goods from past tenants and raided the place for drug trafficking, several times.

    The place has had numerous By-Law infractions for untidy premises
    etc and broken windows.

    Truckloads of garbage have been removed from this residence.

    The house is looking like a dilapidated shack and it is time the city
    has him bring it up to code or have it condemned!

    This residence is, also, costing taxpayers a lot of money in policing costs and crimes committed by residents from Jasper Court.

    It is, also, time for the city to explore a “Maintenance By-Law” to
    deal with such dilaphadated buildings,which deteriorate an entire neighborhood and put all residents, at risk, due to safety concerns not being addressed!

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