Artist Roy Williams Demonstrates On Pouring Watercolour Paint

By January 28, 2014Arts/Culture

The Fraser Valley Watercolour Society is delighted to welcome watercolourists to paint and enjoy the fellowship of other painters in watercolour at our regular meetings.

Come and join us on Thursday, January 30, 2014 from 7:00 – 9:00 pm at Abbotsford Senior Secondary School, Art Room 103 for a fun evening featuring local artist Roy Williams facilitating a demo with Pouring Watercolour Paint.

The Drop-In Fee for the demo for non-members is $5.00. For more information regarding membership or to reserve your spot for the demo and to get a supply list, please call Carol Portree at 604-850-9694. We invite you to visit our website at

Additional information about Pouring Watercolour paint from Wikipedia: Pouring Color. Some artists pour large quantities of slightly diluted paint onto separate areas of the painting surface, then by using a brush, spray bottle of water and/or judicious tilting of the painting support, cause the wet areas to gently merge and mix. After the color has been mixed and allowed to set for a few minutes, the painting is tipped vertically to sheet off all excess moisture (the lighter colors across the darker ones), leaving behind a paper stained with random, delicate color variations, which can be further shaped with a wet brush or added paint while the paper is still wet. A popular variation uses separate areas of red, yellow and blue paint, which when mingled and drained produce a striking effect of light in darkness; areas of white are reserved by first covering them with plastic film, masking tape or a liquid latex resist. (The technique was actually invented, and used for similar effect, by J.M.W. Turner.)

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