Ashamed Of Leghold Traps

By March 5, 2013Letters, Pets, Pop Voice

Dear Editor. I was absolutely appalled to read the recent news regarding the coyote caught in a leg-hold trap. This creature spent days suffering in unimaginable pain, eventually trying to chew off his own leg in a desperate attempt to survive. He was eventually found emaciated and taken to animal control where he had to be euthanized.

I am so ashamed to be part of a community that would condone this kind of needless suffering.

These cruel traps are usually intended to trap fur bearing animals but they kill indiscriminately. The targeted animals are brutally killed for fashion, and the unintended victims, including pets, are simply discarded.

What a tragic waste of life. It is completely unnecessary for these animals to suffer like this. Leg hold traps are cruel and should be banned immediately. If an animal needs to be removed from an area, there are several humane options available.


Jaime Noddings

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