So, the Mayor says we may never know who ordered the spreading of the manure at the homeless camp.  Well…let me inform you as a community that the stealing of homeless tents and other property by the APD is reported to have gone on for years. Let me tell you that this is not the only time that chicken manure and pepper spray has allegedly been used. Kudos to the APD for starting an investigation, but we all know that it is not likely to be proven. Certainly, the people at City Hall and in the APD who have known about this practice for a very long time have counted on the fact that we would never believe this actually takes place in our town.

It seems, that in order to insure this “little problem” is quickly swept away, we have another apologist at City Hall.

We had George Peary who apologized for everything from the Abbotsford Heat losses to the completely unnecessary new water source….and when we didn’t let it drop, he got angry. I don’t think it occurred to our former Mayor that he didn’t have to take responsibility for all the stupid decisions and advice he received from staff. But he did.

Now Mayor Banman is doing the same.

Bruce, you got into the Mayor’s office because a city staff member told Council that we needed a new water source and George wouldn’t admit that a mistake was made. You are doing the same.

So, if you won’t tell us who ordered the dumping of the manure, then there is only one person who can be held responsible. It is you.

You ordered the dumping of the chicken manure. You are solely and unconditionally responsible. It is now hung around your neck and it will stink all the way to the next election. For the next year you will see chicken manure on the internet and on signs, you will hear about chicken manure from people all over town and all around the world. You will be chastised and chided, just like CKNW did in an Editorial last week….you’re going to look like just like George did about the water issue.  Wrong and deceitful.

Remember what you called him when you were running for his job?

It doesn’t matter that you didn’t “actually” order the chicken manure to be dumped at the homeless camp. You know that right? It wasn’t George’s idea to build a new water source. But both of you have the same thing in common. You are both arrogant enough to think that if you tell people to forget about it, they will.

We won’t forget….

The homeless won’t forget….

The people of Abbotsford won’t forget…

Voters won’t forget…

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  • The Editor says:

    From elsie k neufeld on Ask Bruce #

    Could we swap mayors with Calgary now, please?

  • The Editor says:

    From Meghann on Ask Bruce #

    Well, this way he can blame losing the next race to Henry Braun (by a landslide) on the chicken shit …

  • The Editor says:

    DeceitinDrugs Says

    Bruce Banman is keeping his mouth shut in order to protect
    the business people, who hoped the homeless would quickly move to another part of town and knowone would be any smarter about the entire chicken manure incident and the homeless problem in the
    ADBA C7 zoning.

    The sad reality, the Mayor, select council members and city staff managers have supported this plan.

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